Support adult woman in professional and family life

Some projects and partners

​​Litani Center for the Political, Social and Economic Integration of Women.
AECI- Fundación Promoción Social Spain.

Support for Litani Cultural Center, conferences cycles and cultural activities for women empowerment.
Libaneses en España.

​Promotion of training cycles for family support and children education in collaboration with AFE Lebanon.

Women’s continuous training center An Nawras, Keserwan, Lebanon: support of family and youth through training programs and personal coaching.
FPS Spain, Private donors.

​Working in association with​

IFFD International Federation for Family Development & Family Enrichement :
AFE – Association Familiale pour l’Education @AFELIban
Garderie Les petits matelots

Socio-economic development in rural areas

Some projects and partners

Creation of Vocational Training and Resources Center Al Tilal, Maad Jbeil.
AECI-FPS, Japan Embassy, USAID, Fundació Barcelona i Familia.

Creation d’un centre de formation professionnelle pour la femme a Maad (Byblos) et développement du tourisme rural dans la montagne libanaise.
IECD France, Municipalité de Byblos, Conseil General des Hauts de Siene, Italian Embassy, UTL FFM/CD-France, Al Waleed Ben Talal Foundation.

Women’s Vocational Training in order to expand economic opportunities in the rural areas of Lebanon.
SEAL-USA, FTP Italy, FPS Spain, Association of Lebanese in Mexico, Fundació Barcelona i Familia, Finish Government – InterCulture.

Micro & Small Businesses Development, Economic and Social Promotion for Lebanese Women in Rural Areas, Rural Routes creation.
RELEDEV Australia, AUSAid, EU-ONAY Spain, LIVCD Lebanon industry Value Chain, with the support of USAID.

​Some alliances and Networks

​NCLW « National Commission of Lebanese Women»
READI « Euro-Arab NGO Network for Development nd Integration »
UpM « Union pour la Méditerranée » Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation
AFAEMME « Association of Organizations of Mediterranean Businesswomen »
NOWARA “National Observatory for Women in Agriculture and Rural Areas”
​Municipalities of Byblos and North Lebanon and Jbeil-Keserwan villages.

Social action, education and cultural activities

Some projects and parters

Improvement of the quality of primary and secondary education in Lebanon through the implementation of the school support Leader Program.
Fundación Promoción Social, Spain, AECI.

​Actions in favor of disadvantaged children in rural and urban areas of Lebanon: educational summer camps, school support, extracurricular activities. Areas of action: Dora, Nabaa, Sed el Bauchrieh, Villages in South and North Lebanon.
UNWG-Geneve, Asociación de Libaneses en España, Local Municipalities.

Beautification of public spaces through cleaning or painting artistic walls in Tanourinne, Maghdoushe, Baslouit, Saida.
Local Municipalities.

Forest development in the Mountains of Byblos.
Enviromental Grants, private donnors.

Equipment of libraries to develop cultural interests and professional training among students and adult women.
Fomento de Fundaciones, Spain.

Support for Iraqi refugees’ families in Jounieh and in Sed el Bauchirieh: language courses and accompaniment and activities for children.
Centre Saint Paul, Lebanon, AVSI Italy, CAUCE Spain.