PRODES is a non-profit, apolitical and non-confessional Lebanese Association founded in 1998 with a mission to provide continuous training for women and youth in order to promote active, positive and responsible participation of citizens in Lebanese society.

It was approved and registered in the Lebanese Ministry of Interior (Notification No. 41/ad. 06/04/1999).

​PRODES works in all the national territory with all type of people no matter their social, religious or political backgrounds.


Since 2019 Lebanon is submerged in a deep political and socio-economic crisis with severe consequences for the majority of the population. Devaluation of national currency, block of financial system, the suspension of public subsidies to basic needs have resulted in unprecedented levels of poverty.

Educational institutions suffer from this situation, and it is difficult to maintain the quality of education. The youth is unmotivated, there is a serious phenomenon of brain drain, which empties the country of its population with more capacities to create sustainable wealth.

Help us continue our commitment to empowering our beneficiaries with the skills and abilities they need to bring about social change in these challenging circumstances.

On behalf of our people, thank you very much!


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