Litani Cultural Center for Women


In order to continue our work and be a support in this critical moment, we need the generosity of many people.
If you think you can be part of this change, we can propose some initiatives to collaborate economically.
If you have more suggestions, please contact us!
On behalf of our people, thank you very much!

Initiatives and ways to help

Throughout the past 23 years, we have worked with adult women, young women and girls from various regions across Lebanon.
  • We promoted human and spiritual activities.
  • We encouraged the social commitment of young people to various volunteer programs.
  • We promoted professional training through conferences and academic training.
  • We explored all options to be a support for adult women and, through them, for their families. We regularly and consistently promoted courses on family orientation, gastronomy, home management, etc.
  • Currently, around 40 adult women are participating in our training activities. They are the nucleus of human and intellectual impulse for social development.