The mission of PRODES is to promote the role of Lebanese women in order to become active actors in family, professional and social improvements. This is done through continuous training and mentoring programs addressed to women of all ages and from different contexts.


The raising of a culture of peace in Lebanon that extends to the Middle East by fostering civic values of respect and justice in each individual, within the family and in the society.


  • Centrality of the person and the family: focus on the improvement of the individual and the family nucleus were the values of society are nurtured.
  • Multiculturalism: the activities are open to all type of people no matter their social, confessional or cultural backgrounds.
  • Long-term development approach: based on building values that generate justice and social peace.


  • Cultural Activities in order to create spaces of reflection and creative solutions to problems of society.
  • Integral formation of beneficiaries through promotion of the study and intellectual work. sports and heritage discovery, social and enviromental actions.
  • Support to adult women in the field of family life, children education and professional commitment.
  • Vocational Training for girls and women from rural areas.
  • Rural development in order to create job opportunities in the villages.
  • Implementation of development projects in the Lebanese context that respond to the specific educational, social and economic needs of the country.