A group of Lebanese from other countries choose to settle in the land of their ancestors and to promote social improvement of their compatriots. They launch Prodes, a Lebanese NGO founded in 1998 with a mission to promote active, positive and responsible participation of citizens in Lebanese society, respecting their traditions, and ensuring greater availability of opportunities for personal and collective improvement. PRODES beneficiaries are preferably women and youth, as they will play a particularly important role in the local planning and social mobilization process.

Among its areas of action can be found:

Social actions, aimed to provide specific solutions to poverty and exclusion and to create in participants a sense of solidarity and commitment to social issues. Cultural Activities in order to create spaces of reflection and creativity solutions to problems of society. Support to adult women in the field of family life, children education and professional commitment. Vocational training for women: promoted since the creation of PRODES, from 2004 have been formalized in management of professional practices of hospitality services in the Application Center Al Tilal as well as other professional training courses in the rural area. After eight years of competent experience in the area of rural development and in the methodology of training human resources (specially women) from rural environments, PRODES has launched the Institute of Management and Services, IMS.